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Background and Rules

Contenu du document


Mansfield with Monsters is set in Wellington, just after the end of World War I. However, all is not well. The world is in the midst of an influenza epidemic. The so-called “Haiitian Flu” is not only decimating the population, but those who die of the disease are reanimated as undead horrors with a taste for human flesh.

 The Government has enacted emergency measures – schools, theatres and other places where large numbers of people congregate have been closed, food is being rationed, and a curfew is in place. Still, those with means are still able to live comfortably, they just need to be sure to keep their doors and windows barred.

 The following zoning system has been introduced:

  •  Green zones – or “enclosures”. Fortified enclosures surrounding important residential areas. These areas have been kept clear of the walking dead, although resident must be vigilant to close the gates behind them when entering or exiting a green zone.
  • Red (restricted) zones – Red zones have been overrun with the Walking Dead. The military maintain a perimeter guard in an attempt to keep the red zones contained. Entering a Red Zone is forbidden, except under Government authorisation.
  • Amber zones – everywhere else. Civilians are permitted to travel through amber zones when necessary. However, caution is advised as these areas are not guaranteed to be free of the Walking Dead.


We have tried to keep Mansfield with Monsters as rules lite as possible. Most thing should be able to be achieve via social interaction. For physical confrontation rock-paper-scissors (RPS) should be played to determine the outcome and then the results acted out with the winner of the RPS deciding the outcome (within reason). In the case of a tie the players may negotiate an outcome where both characters partially succeed (e.g. “you manage to make me drop the knife, but I cut your arm while you're doing it”), otherwise assume the result is a stalemate.

Kick Ass

Some characters are “Kick Ass” (stated on character sheet). These characters also win on a tie in appropriate rock-paper-scissor challenges against a non-kick ass character.

Special Powers

Some characters have special powers. They will have a card explaining what their power does. To use a power on another character, show the player the card so they know how to react.

Nerf weapons

Provided we get the ok from the venue we will be using Nerf weapons to simulate firearms. Weapons mentioned on character sheets will be provided. Other characters may choose to bring weapons if they wish (travel is dangerous after all). Good manners dictate that all weapons should be given to the hostess for safe keeping upon arrival. (Note: gun-play isn't intended to be a major part of the game, so characters who don't bring extra weapons shouldn't be at a disadvantage)

For safety reasons please don't fire Nerf weapons at close range and avoid head shots.

If you are hit by a Nerf bullet:

  • In a limb: treat that limb as disabled

  • On the torso: you are knocked over and incapacitated (incapable of any action except talking)

  • In the head: ignore – the head is not a legitimate target

A character that has been incapacitated may be finished off by walking up to them with a weapon and going “finishing blow”, “bang” or something equivalent.

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