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Running the Game

The game takes place at a dinner party being hosted by Dr and Mrs Young. Depending on your game set up you may wish to start with the guests arriving or you may start the game at the after-dinner socialising. The play area should contain the following:

  •  A lockable gun cabinet (could be represented with a cardboard box and a sign indicating whether of not it is locked. Dr Young normally holds the key.
  • A suitable place to hide a toy rat (e.g. behind a curtain, under a low table hidden by a table cloth) – see event #1

 The gun cabinet should contain one (nerf) gun belonging to Dr Young. Other characters may choose to bring weapons to defend themselves on the journey across town. Etiquette dictates that these should be given to the host for safe-keeping while they are in his house.



The following characters require props. These should be provided either be provided by the GM or the players given sufficient warning about what they will be required to bring.



Most of the action will involve the player characters interacting with each other. However, there are some GM driven events that can be used to spur action. Obviously if the players are busy enough making their own fun then some or all of these can be ignored. Event 1 should occur about half-way though the game. Event 2 should occur about 30 minutes before the end of the game, and only if the matter of Pearl's infection has not been dealt with. Event 3 should only be used if the game does not seem to be reaching a natural conclusion in the allotted time, or if you have a suitable cast of NPC walking dead (or player characters who have been killed off early)


Event #1 – Plague Rat

A plague infested rat has crawled its way into the house. This can be represented by a toy rat on a string that can be set to leap out of its hiding place onto an unsuspecting character. The rat itself should not be difficult to destroy or neutralise, but on a failed paper-scissors-rock test the victim receives a nasty bite (which is naturally infected)


Event #2 – Pearl turns

Pearl starts the game with an infected bite. There are a number of ways she could be “cured” (e.g. Harry Young's vaccine, being turned into either a vampire or a werewolf first). However, if none of these events have occurred by the time the game reaches its final half hour then the GM should inform Pearl's player that she is beginning to feel feverish and dizzy and should collapse shortly. Give the other players 5-10 minutes to react to this. If Pearl is not cured within this time she dies. Again the players should have another 5-10 minutes to react. If no preventative action is taken (e.g. decapitating or burning the body) then at the end of this time Pearl's corpse rises and starts wrecking havoc on the party.


Event #3 – Undead gatecrashers

Phillipa Fell deliberately let some walking dead into the residential enclosure where the Youngs live. This means there is an excuse to have the party attacked by a horde of walking dead should you choose. Ideally this should involve some extras to play the walking dead. If a lot of player characters have been killed off then this gives them something to do. Alternatively if this game is run at a Con it may be possible to recruit people to cameo for the finale.


Walking Dead rules

The walking dead are slow moving and stupid, but have an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Fighting the walking dead is similar to fighting humans (e.g. hitting a limb disables it, hitting the torso knocks them over, head shots don't count) with the exception that a torso shot does not incapacitate the walking dead and they may get up after a count of 20 (unless “killing blow” is called).


The walking dead should only be aiming to tag players. This is sufficient to infect the unfortunate character. If a character is tagged by two walking dead simultaneously then they are overwhelmed and will be eaten (this then distracts all the walking dead present who join the feeding frenzy for a count of 100).


Special abilities

Several of the characters have special powers. While these are explained on the character sheets there are some that may require GM adjudication.

  •  Cecile Ashton – her crucufix protects her from vampire powers
  • Elsie Kelvey – assume that if she gets a copy of the Necronomicon and the Hades Stone that she will be able to perform whatever necromantic mayhem the player can imagine. However, the time required to perform the necessary rituals means that this won't occur within the time frame of the game. To bind a spirit into a dead body she needs to have uninterrupted access for ~5mins to perform the appropriate rituals. After which the player should be informed that they are now playing a demonic spirit who is bound to obey Kelvey (but has no additional powers).

  • Harry Young – it is not known whether the vaccine he carries is effective in preventing Haiitian Flu (or curing it). If a player is given the potion get them to draw from a deck of cards: Red = cure is effective, Black = not effective. The player should not be told whether or not the vaccine has worked.

  • Josie Sheridan - it is suggested that she might have the power to influence the future by drawing pictures, but this is left ambiguous on the character sheet. Therefore the GM is free to decide on whether the power works depending upon what is attempted. In general, subtle effects should work, particularly if it is the kind of thing that the GM can engineer and appears coincidental (e.g. a picture of a glass breaking could be brought about by someone accidentally knocking it off the table). Effects that require over-riding the free will of or outright killing another player character should probably fail. Note that this power is not instantaneous and there is no specified time frame in which it has to work. If you can't think of how a particular effect might be accomplished then just wait and see if an opportunity arises later in the game.

  • Vampires (Mr and Mrs Norman Knight) – powers are described on character sheets. Note that a newly created vampire will not know how to use these powers (but will be subject to all the vampire restrictions). Vampires are not affected by the Haiitian 'Flu, but may be carriers.

  • Werewolves (Rosemary and Phillipa Fell) – are immune to Haiitian 'Flu. Their heightened sense of smell can tell whether someone is Supernatural (at the beginning of the game this is Mr and Mrs Norman Knight, Elsie Kelvey, Rosemary and Phillipa Fell, and Josie Sheridan) or infected with Haiitian 'Flu (Pearl Fulton). Anyone bitten by a werewolf in wolf form will turn into a werewolf at the next full moon (although the Fell sisters disapprove of “Nouveau Garou”).


"Mansfield with Monsters" was designed on Larpwriter, a website to simplify the creation of murder parties and larps (know more).

You can also download it in PDF.