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Elsie Kelvey

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Elsie Kelvey

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Profession: Lecturer in Antiquitarian Studies, Victoria University College

Age: 26


You grew up extremely poor. You never knew your father and your mother struggled to make ends meet. At school the other children would tease you because of your ragged appearance and refused to let you join in their games. All this you endured, but you vowed to yourself that when you grew up you would be powerful and respected.

(At school, the prettiest and most popular girls were the Sheridan sisters: Bertha, Laura and Josie.  Bertha is now Bertha Young - your hostess, Laura is married to Professor Marcus Walker and Josie has not yet married. You would particularly enjoy seeing them brought low)

With no friends to distract you, you dedicated yourself to your studies.  Not just traditional school work, but also the art of witchcraft from a local witch who took you on as an apprentice. Your determination paid off and you won a scholarship to Victoria University College where you were a star student. When you completed your studies you were offered a position in the Department of Antiquitarian Studies which you accepted.

Meanwhile your studies in witchcraft have given you the ability to bind demonic spirits to objects and force them to obey your commands.  Your preferred method is to use a human body as the "object" (having removed the existing living spirit from it), however this does not work on the walking dead (you theorise that the bodies must already be possessed). You have also come up with the innovation of splitting your own soul and binding half of it to a piece of jewellery. This means that should you die, your spirit will be able to re-possess your body. However, you have not yet tested this.

You are certain that there must be a way in which you could turn the Haiitian Flu to your advantage. In your researches you have come across a reference to a ritual that can be used to gain control of the walking dead. The ritual itself is written in the Necronomicon, and also requires the use of a Hades Stone. If you could acquire both these items you would become a necromancer without parallel.

The Department of Antiquitarian Studies was recently bequeathed a collection of books by the noted sorcerer Herbert Woodfield, including a copy of the infamous Necronomicon. You would dearly love to get your hands on this, but the Head of Department, Professor Marcus Walker, declared the collection to be off-limits. The obvious solution was to eliminate Professor Walker. You abducted his wife, Laura, and had her body possessed by a spirit which and then sent her to assassinate Professor Walker. Unfortunately the attempt failed, and Laura has been confined somehow. Fortunately, the possession is likely to be mistaken for Haitiian 'Flu, so your plot is unlikely to be discovered.

Meanwhile you have started working on Josie Sheridan as a back-up plan. Her fiance was killed in the war, so you have mentioned that the Necronomicon contains a ritual that might resurrect her fiance. You have also hinted that Professor Walker (who also happens to be her brother-in-law) might have access to such a book. You sense that Josie has some latent magical power and you wonder if there is any way you can use this to your advantage.

Meanwhile you know there is a Hades Stone in the Wellington Museum. The museum is currently in the restricted zone, and as you do not want to risk contracting the Haitiian 'Flu yourself, you have hired Phillipa and Rosemary Fell to "acquire" it for you.


  • Obtain a Hades Stone and a copy of the Necronomicon and Rule the World!
  • Gain revenge upon the remaining Sheridan sisters, Bertha and Josie
  • Replace Professor Walker as Head of Department


  • Ring containing half your soul


  • Bind spirits: if you come across a dead body (not including the walking dead) you may perform a ritual to bind a demonic spirit to the body (consult a GM).

Relationships with other characters (6)

the following characters have a relationship with Elsie Kelvey but Elsie Kelvey does not have relationships with them: Joseph Ashton

  • Bertha Young

    Bertha Young was one of the Sheridan sisters who looked down at school. She is also the sister of Marcus' wife Laura. You would enjoy seeing her suffer.

    show the relationship of Bertha Young with Elsie Kelvey

  • Eddie Warren

    A writer of gothic poetry. You've seen him at the university researching occult material to use in his poems.

    show the relationship of Eddie Warren with Elsie Kelvey

  • Josie Sheridan

    Josie was one of the Sheridan sisters who looked down at school. She is also the sister of Marcus' wife Laura. While you would enjoy seeing her suffer, she could potentially be useful to you. She lost her fiance in the war, and who knows what she might be prepared to do to get him back? You also sense that she has latent magical power.

    show the relationship of Josie Sheridan with Elsie Kelvey

  • Marcus Walker

    The Head of the Department of Antiquitarian Studies. This arrogant oaf thinks he can stop you from getting hold of the Necronomicon. Your first attempt to be rid of him may have failed, but you are nothing if not patient and resourceful.

    show the relationship of Marcus Walker with Elsie Kelvey

  • Pearl Fulton

    You have seen her around the university. She seems to be involved with the socialists.

    show the relationship of Pearl Fulton with Elsie Kelvey

  • Phillipa Fell

    The Fell sisters, Phillipa and Rosemary, are in the business of acquiring hard to find items. You have offered Phillipa 50 pounds to recover the Hades Stone from the museum.

    show the relationship of Phillipa Fell with Elsie Kelvey

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