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Phillipa Fell

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Phillipa Fell

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Profession: Werewolf black marketeer


You and your sister Rosemary are both werewolves by birth. You can't stand "nouveau garou", those who gain the gift by being bitten, and both you and Rosemary are very careful never to leave your victims merely wounded.

The Haiitian 'Flu has been glorious. You love the freedom that the breakdown of civilisation gives you. You and your sister are able to freely hunt the Walking Dead in the Restricted Zones and if you occasionally catch a living human or two, who's to know? You are even able to make money by looting buildings in the Restricted Zone. You've both taken a few bites and scratches during hunts, but you seem to be immune from the Haiitian 'Flu

Recently Dr Elsie Kelvey asked you to recover an artifact from the museum (something called a Hades Stone). You told her it would cost 50 pounds and she agreed. You acquired the item easily enough, but now you're wondering whether you couldn't get more for it. Maybe some of those other university types would be interested? Either way you enjoy stirring things up.

Lately your sister Rosemary has been a bit moody and secretive. You're not quite sure what's up with her - maybe she needs a mate? It's a pity you don't know any male werewolves. Still, she'd probably breed true with a human male (just so long as she didn't get all sentimental about him afterwards).

Finally, to make sure your evening wasn't too boring you let some Walking Dead into the enclosure. If you're feeling magnanimous, you'll excuse yourself early and mop them up before anyone else leaves. But if someone really annoys you, you'll just sit back and watch the show.


  • See how much you can get for the Hades Stone
  • Find out what's bothering Rosemary
  • Make profit for yourself and trouble for everyone else

Special Abilities

  • Physical kick-ass
  • Immune to Mesmerism
  • Wolf-form: turn into a wolf. Really obvious, but it does heal any wounds you've suffered.
  • Supernatural senses: by sniffing someone you can detect if there is anything supernatural about them (this also detects those infected with Haiitian 'Flu). Consult a GM if you use this power.

Relationships with other characters (8)

the following characters have a relationship with Phillipa Fell but Phillipa Fell does not have relationships with them: Mrs Norman Knight

  • Bertha Young

    Your neighbour and hostess for the evening. Seems to be a bit of a sap.

    show the relationship of Bertha Young with Phillipa Fell

  • Eddie Warren

    A poet. A total wimp, but you can usually make money selling him alcohol and tobacco.

    show the relationship of Eddie Warren with Phillipa Fell

  • Elsie Kelvey

    A lecturer at the University who hired you to acquire the Hades Stone from the museum. She doesn't seem to mind paying 50 pounds, you wonder how much higher she'd be prepared to go?

    show the relationship of Elsie Kelvey with Phillipa Fell

  • Harry Young

    Your neighbour and tonight's host. He's apparently working on a cure for the Haiitian 'Flu. You hope he doesn't succeed.

    show the relationship of Harry Young with Phillipa Fell

  • Joseph Ashton

    Dr Ashton has some big shot Government job. Could be useful if you need some favours pulled.

    show the relationship of Joseph Ashton with Phillipa Fell

  • Marcus Walker (

    !Marcus Walker does not have relationship with Phillipa Fell


    Elsie's boss at the University. You wonder how much he'd give for the Hades Stone?

  • Mr Norman Knight

    Mr Norman Knight used to be into theatre, before the Ministry of Health closed them all. He's been hiring you to bring him large quantities of preserved food. You wonder what he's stockpiling for?

    show the relationship of Mr Norman Knight with Phillipa Fell

  • Rosemary Fell

    Your beloved sister. Normally she's a good sport, but lately she's been a bit quiet. You need to find some way to snap her out of it.

    show the relationship of Rosemary Fell with Phillipa Fell

Notes for organizers

Werewolf. Married to Rosemary Fell.


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