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Rosemary Fell

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Rosemary Fell

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Profession: Werewolf black marketeer


You and your sister Phillipa are both werewolves by birth. You can't stand "nouveau garou", those who gain the gift by being bitten, and both you and Rosemary are very careful never to leave your victims merely wounded.

The Haiitian 'Flu has been good for hunting. You and your sister are able to freely hunt the Walking Dead (and the occasional hapless human) in the Restricted Zones. You are even able to make money by looting buildings in the Restricted Zone. You've both taken a few bites and scratches during hunts, but you seem to be immune from the Haiitian 'Flu.

Lately you have begun to feel like you don't really belong anywhere. Phillipa is clearly an alpha werewolf, but you will never be as strong and bold as her. However, whenever you look at human women you feel clumsy and graceless in comparison. You have started going to some socialist meetings, and you dream of a society were everyone is equal: werewolves and humans alike. But is it just a dream? Surely the humans would hate you and want to kill you if they knew what you were. Still, you have decided to stop eating humans as a peace gesture (although you haven't told Phillipa about this, she'd never understand).

A few night ago you and Phillipa broke into the museum to steal some artifact. You don't know exactly what it was that Phillipa took, but she's assured you that you'll be able to sell it for lots of money.

On your way to tonight's party Phillipa let some Walking Dead into the residential enclosure. You don't know what her plan is, but it could be dangerous for those walking home tonight.


  • Receive genuine and sincere praise from someone
  • Gain Phillipa's approval
  • Find out whether werewolves and humans could peacefully co-exist.

Special Abilities

  • Physical kick-ass
  • Immune to Mesmerism
  • Wolf-form: turn into a wolf. Really obvious, but it does heal any wounds you've suffered.
  • Supernatural senses: by sniffing someone you can detect if there is anything supernatural about them (this also detects those infected with Haiitian 'Flu). Consult a GM if you use this power.

Relationships with other characters (6)

the following characters have a relationship with Rosemary Fell but Rosemary Fell does not have relationships with them: Joseph Ashton, Mrs Norman Knight

  • Bertha Young

    Your neighbour and tonight's hostess

    show the relationship of Bertha Young with Rosemary Fell

  • Eddie Warren

    A poet. A total wimp, but you can usually make money selling him alcohol and tobacco.

    show the relationship of Eddie Warren with Rosemary Fell

  • Harry Young

    Your neighbour and tonight's host.

    show the relationship of Harry Young with Rosemary Fell

  • Mr Norman Knight

    Mr Norman Knight used to be into theatre, before the Ministry of Health closed them all. He's been hiring you to bring him large quantities of preserved food. You wonder what he's stockpiling for?

    show the relationship of Mr Norman Knight with Rosemary Fell

  • Pearl Fulton

    You've met Pearl Fulton at socialist rallies. She's always been kind to you and tried to make you feel welcome. You understand that she's currently on some sort of secret mission. You'd like to help her, if you can do so without blowing her cover.

    show the relationship of Pearl Fulton with Rosemary Fell

  • Phillipa Fell

    Your older sister. Phillipa is always supremely confident and self-assured (usually with good reason). You would secretly like it if just once, someone noticed you instead of her.

    show the relationship of Phillipa Fell with Rosemary Fell

Notes for organizers

Werewolf. Married to Phillip.


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