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Mansfield with Monsters

A LARP for 13 players


Donna Giltrap and Debbie Cowens

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Welcome to Mansfield with Monsters. Mansfield with Monsters is a LARP for 13 players set in an alternate version of post World War I Wellington. The LARP should run for 2-3 hours and requires a space that can represent the living room of a well-to-do couple. Mansfield with Monsters was written to celebrate the release of the book of the same name by Matthew and Debbie Cowens ( ). You don't have to have read the book to enjoy the LARP, but you might want to check it out anyway.

Mansfield with Monsters uses pre-generated characters. The GM should familiarise themselves with the character sheets as they contain details of underlying plots and explanations of special powers. The gender ratio is 8 female and 5 male. Three of the female characters (Elsie Kelvey, Rosemary Fell, and Phillipa Fell) could be rewritten as male fairly easily.



The following documents are included:

  • Blurb - a short teaser for the game that may be used for advertising
  • Cast list - a spoiler-free list of the characters with brief description. May be shown to potential players to help them select a role
  • Background and Rules - a quick run-down of the setting and rules. Should be distributed to players before the game
  • GMs Guide - GMs instructions for running the game. GMs eyes only


"Mansfield with Monsters" was designed on Larpwriter, a website to simplify the creation of murder parties and larps (know more).

You can also download it in PDF.