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The Devil's Brood


"A man's enemies are the men of his own House" – Giraldus Cambrensis

"From the Devil we sprang and to the Devil we shall go" – Angevin family legend

Christmas 1183: King Henry of England, the most powerful king in Christendom, has summoned his family together at Chinon to celebrate Christmas. The King of France will be in attendance, and the Queen has been released from prison for the occasion. But behind the celebration, Henry's empire is in crisis. The death of his eldest son has placed the succession in doubt, the Queen has been imprisoned for the last decade, his children war incessantly among themselves, and France waits greedily to regain what it has lost.

The Devil’s Brood is a discourse-based political larp for nine players.  Expected play time is two to three hours.


There are five male and four female characters:

Henry, King of England (M)
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England (F)
Phillip, King of France (M)
Margaret of France, Queen of England (F)
Richard, Duke of Aquitaine (M)
Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (M)
Constance, Duchess of Brittany (F)
John, Lord of Ireland (M)
Alais of France (F)





"The Devil's Brood" was designed on Larpwriter, a website to simplify the creation of murder parties and larps (know more).

You can also download it in PDF.