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LARPs are enhanced by costume.  While any medieval costume will add to this game, players may be interested in the attire of the twelfth century so as to acquire an appropriate costume.  For men, this is a knee- or ankle-length tunic, with hose.  For women, clothing is either an ankle-length tunic, or a biliaut, an ankle-length dress with billowing sleeves.  Women wear their hair covered.  Cloaks are rectangular or semicircular, fastened at the shoulder or in the front.  Other accessories could include a belt, a sword (for noblemen), knife (for eating with), or pouch (as clothing did not have pockets).  If players include weapons as part of their costume, remember that these are only props, and ensure that they are not used in an unsafe or threatening manner.

For players interested in including their character’s heraldry or colours as part of their costume, the relevant coats of arms are:

  • Henry: Two gold lions walking on a red background (“gules, two lions passant or”) – the arms of Normandy
  • Eleanor: A single gold lion walking on a red background(“gules, a lion passant or”) – the arms of Aquitaine
  • Philip: Blue, covered in gold fleur-de-lies – the arms of France
  • Margaret: Unknown, but could use either Henry’s or Philip’s, depending on whether she wants to present as a Queen of England or a Princess of France.
  • Richard: A red lion on a silver background (“argent, a lion rampant gules”) – the arms of the county of Poitiou – or three gold lions walking on a red background (“gules, three lions passant or”) – the arms of England
  • Geoffrey: Unknown. Could use either his father’s, or his wife’s.
  • Constance: Ermine – the ancient arms of Brittany.
  • John: Unknown, but could use his father’s.
  • Alais: Unknown, but could use Philip’s as she is a Princess of France.

More information on costume can be found on Wikipedia, “1100–1200 in fashion”


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