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  • Retain Henry's affections, and access to his bedchamber.
  • Become Henry's wife and Queen
  • Poison Henry against his sons


You are the older half-sister of King Phillip of France.  When you were a child you were betrothed to Richard Plantagenet as part of a peace deal between your father and his, with the strategic County of Vexin as a dowry.  But the marriage never happened.  You have spent your life since in the English court as a maid in waiting.

Not that you are a maid anymore. You saw how power can be exercised by a woman, and so you set out to do so - with King Henry himself as your target.  Henry had imprisoned his wife, Eleanor, after she had incited their sons to rebel against him, and his mistress, Rosamund Clifford, had died of illness (some say poison).  It was easy enough to seduce Henry, and make him think he was the seducer.

And now you have him wrapped around your finger.  But its not enough to share the royal bed - you want to be Queen!  But to do this, you need to get rid of Eleanor.  The easiest way is to get her to agree to an annulment - a rich irony given that her marriage to your father suffered the same fate - and you have planted the idea in Henry's head that he should provoke one by flaunting your relationship in public.  Henry is likely to be reluctant because he would lose her lands, but you are sure he can eventually be persuaded.

Thinking ahead, Eleanor's children will always be a threat to those you plan to have with Henry.  So you need to poison him against them so he will be willing to alter the succession in favour of your unborn sons.  Fortunately, with the way they behave, that won't be hard.  Earlier in the year, Young Henry and Geoffrey supported Richard's vassals in Poitou in rebellion.  When the king intervened, Young Henry attacked and tried to kill him.  During the resulting war, Young Henry contracted dysentery and died.  Henry is heartbroken by his eldest son's death.  If he can be convinced that Richard and Geoffrey share some of the blame, or that Geoffrey was involved in Young Henry's attempted patricide, then he may disinherit them. Which will only leave John standing between your children and the throne.

Relationships with other characters (6)

the following characters have a relationship with Alais but Alais does not have relationships with them: Constance of Brittany

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Henry's wife and your rival for his affections. She used to be married to your father, but the marriage was annulled for consanguinity; she then married Henry less than a month later.  Henry has imprisoned her for the last ten years; you must make sure that they do not reconcile, and that Henry has their marriage annulled.

    show the relationship of Eleanor of Aquitaine with Alais

  • John

    Henry's youngest and least talented son. He lies, he cheats, he is cruel, and he is neither particularly intelligent or a great knight.  Despite that, he is Henry's favourite, because he was "loyal" when his brother's rebelled.  Of course, he was only five years old at the time...

    show the relationship of John with Alais

  • King Henry of England

    Your lover and pawn.  He has always had trouble with his sons, but you plan to give him some better, more deserving ones when you are married.

    show the relationship of King Henry of England with Alais

  • King Philip of France

    Your younger half-brother, born to your father's third wife.  You are worried that he may try and force you to marry Richard, or take you back to the French court with him.  This would ruin all your plans.

    show the relationship of King Philip of France with Alais

  • Margaret

    Your older sister, and Young Henry's widow.   You have heard that things did not end well between her and her husband; she was exiled to Paris last year after a scandalous affair with William Marshal, one of Young Henry's knights, and he was apparently seeking an annulment when he died.  You wonder what she's going to do now...

    show the relationship of Margaret with Alais

  • Richard

    You have been betrothed for fifteen years, but he has never shown any interest in you at all.  He cares more for fighting and his precious Aquitaine than he does for you.

    show the relationship of Richard with Alais

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