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  • Be named as Henry's heir
  • Marry Alais
  • Gain the love of your mother


You are King Henry and Queen Eleanor's youngest son, and your father's favourite.  Your father has told you this for your entire life, and you know in your heart that it is true.  Why else would he let you lie, cheat, steal and whip the servants without punishment?  And now he's going to make you his heir, ahead of your older brothers.  And then they'll all have to bow to you.

Your older brothers are Young Henry (now deceased), Richard, and Geoffrey.  Young Henry was to inherit the kingdom, and was crowned king alongside your father in the French style.  Richard got all your mother's attention, and the Duchy of Aquitaine as well.  Geoffrey was given an advantageous marriage which made him Duke of Brittany. As the youngest, you were to get nothing, but your father conquered Ireland for you and promised that you would be King there one day.  While you haven't visited the place, it is a sign of how much he loves you.

It is said that your family has the devil's blood in its veins, due to a marriage in the distant past with a demon named Melusine; as a result they are cursed to fight, brother against brother and the sons against the father.  It is certainly true of your brothers. A decade ago, when you were a child, the three of them rebelled against your father, allying with King Louis of France to seize land and power for themselves.  Your father put down the rebellion, but he did not punish your brothers.  Instead, he blamed your mother and locked her in a dungeon.  She has remained there ever since.

Your father's failure to punish your brothers has meant they have continued to fight.   Earlier this year, Young Henry and Geoffrey supported Richard's vassals in Poitou in rebellion.  When your father intervened, Young Henry attacked and tried to kill him.  During the resulting war, Young Henry contracted dysentery and died.  Your father is heartbroken by your brother's death, despite everything he had done to him.  You do not understand why.

Your brother's death meant that your father had to decide on a new successor, and he has promised everything to you as a reward for your loyalty. You've already told Geoffrey, and he has promised to be your Chancellor.  You are afraid of how Richard will take the news, but with the support of your father and Geoffrey, you're sure he can be forced to accept. 

If you are to be heir, you will need a wife, so as to ensure the succession.  As a child you were betrothed to Alicia, a daughter of the Count of Savoy, but she died when you were just eleven, and your father did not make another arrangement. But there is a perfectly good girl - Alais, half-sister of the French King - hanging around court.  She was originally promised to Richard, but your father did not trust him with her dowry, the vital border territory of the Vexin.  But he clearly does trust you.  You need to get him to consent to the marriage, of course, and to protect you from Richard - but you don't think that will be a problem.

Special ability

You are a poor knight, and so automatically lose all ties in combat against anyone who is not also a poor knight.

Relationships with other characters (6)

the following characters have a relationship with John but John does not have relationships with them: Constance of Brittany, Margaret

  • Alais

    Alais is pretty and well-connected.  And unlike her sister Margaret, she is a virgin, meaning there can be no question of the succession.

    show the relationship of Alais with John

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Your mother was imprisoned when you were five, and you have seen very little of her since.  She hates your father, and has always favoured Richard over you. 

    show the relationship of Eleanor of Aquitaine with John

  • Geoffrey

    Geoffrey has always been bad, rebelling against your father and allying with Young Henry against him. But with your oldest brother's death, he seems to have learned his lesson, and has offered to be your Chancellor when you are king.  This is good, as it will free you from the mundane details of government to focus on the grand strategy.

    show the relationship of Geoffrey with John

  • King Henry of England

    Your father raised you and has taught you everything he knows about being King.  You've never doubted that he loves you, and now he's going to give you the throne.

    show the relationship of King Henry of England with John

  • King Philip of France (

    !King Philip of France does not have relationship with John


    Philip is only a year older than you, but already a king.  You will be neighbours when you succeed your father, so you should probably get to know him.  Besides, he may be able to help you against Richard if he gets out of line.

  • Richard

    Richard has always been bigger and stronger than you, and you have been afraid of him your entire life.  When you are King you are going to have to be firm with him to make sure he knows his place.

    show the relationship of Richard with John

Notes for organizers

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