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Geoffrey Plantagenet

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  • Be named as Henry's heir
  • Gain the love of your parents
  • Gain more land for yourself


You are King Henry and Queen Eleanor's third son.  Your older brothers are Young Henry (now deceased) and Richard; your younger brother is John.  When God was handing out the virtues to your family, he gave Young Henry the charm, Richard the courage, and you the brains (John of course got nothing).  Unfortunately,  you have been constantly overlooked by your parents, despite your natural abilities.  Richard was always your mother's favourite, and John your father's.  And you were stuck in the middle, unloved by either.

This lack of love was reflected in your father's will.  Young Henry would inherit the kingdom, and was crowned king alongside your father in the French style.  Your mother gave Aquitaine to Richard, and he has ruled there as Duke since he was 15.   Nothing says "love" like land and titles, and you received nothing.   The most your father would do for you was make you an advantageous marriage, betrothing you as a child to Constance, heiress to the Duchy of Brittany.  You were finally married two years ago, making you Duke by right of marriage.  This is better than being landless, but you would prefer to hold land in your own right.  Your wife is now pregnant, hopefully with a son who can inherit your land and secure your succession.

Your family has the devil's blood in its veins, due to a marriage in the distant past with a demon named Melusine; as a result they are cursed never to love one another and always to fight, brother against brother and the sons against the father.  This has been your only inheritance, but you have partaken of it in full.  Ten years ago, you joined your older brothers in a rebellion against your father, seeking land and power of your own.  The three of you allied with the French King, but then he betrayed you, making his own peace with your father and excluding you.  You were forced to make a humiliating peace.  Your mother, who had supported you in the rebellion, was imprisoned in England.  She has been kept there ever since.

The peace did not last.  In the decade since, you and your brothers have continued to fight against each other and your father.  In the most recent incident, you persuaded Young Henry to support Richard's vassals in Poitou to rebellion.  When your father tried to intervene, Young Henry attacked and tried to kill him.  During the resulting war, Young Henry contracted dysentery and died.  This is an opportunity for you.  Young Henry's death means that your father must choose a new successor and decide on a new distribution for his lands.  He currently favours John, and so you have offered to be his Chancellor - someone has to run the kingdom, after all.  But you know Richard won't accept this, and may be willing to offer you more in exchange for your support.  If you play your cards right, you could do quite well out of this.

Alternatively, you could play for a bigger prize.  Richard is too close to your mother, and John too stupid to hold the Kingdom together.  You, on the other hand, are an able administrator, and you have an heir on the way, meaning a secure succession.  You would make a perfect king.  If your father can be persuaded of this, then maybe there will be something for you at last...

Relationships with other characters (6)

the following characters have a relationship with Geoffrey but Geoffrey does not have relationships with them: Margaret

  • Constance of Brittany

    Your wife.  She is a schemer like yourself, and has supported you in your intrigues against your father and brothers and in your friendship with Philip.  She hates Henry for deposing her father and taking his lands.

    show the relationship of Constance of Brittany with Geoffrey

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Your mother has ignored you for your entire life, always doting on Richard.  She hates your father for his numerous affairs; you're wondering how she'll respond to the latest.

    show the relationship of Eleanor of Aquitaine with Geoffrey

  • John

    John is a worm, lacking either your intelligence or Richard's ability with a sword.  Your father has given him Ireland, but even that seems to be beyond his ability to manage.  If he became king, he'd lose half the kingdom due to sheer incompetence. 

    show the relationship of John with Geoffrey

  • King Henry of England

    You are very like your father, sharing his administrative talents and love of intrigue. Despite this, he has never loved you, and has always favoured John.  He hates your mother for supporting you during your revolt ten years ago.

    show the relationship of King Henry of England with Geoffrey

  • King Philip of France

    You have cultivated Philip's friendship since he was a boy, and he yours; while you are good friends and allies, both of you understand that it is because you are useful to one another.  He has supported you in your schemes against your brothers and made you his Seneschal because it has weakened and distracted your father.   With his support, you could seize the throne for yourself.  But does he want to see you as King?

    show the relationship of King Philip of France with Geoffrey

  • Richard

    Richard can swing a sword, but it takes more than that to rule a kingdom.  If he becomes king, he'll no doubt bankrupt the place to fund some pointless, glorious war.  Your father would hate that idea.

    show the relationship of Richard with Geoffrey

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"The Devil's Brood" was designed on Larpwriter, a website to simplify the creation of murder parties and larps (know more).

You can also download it in PDF.