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  • Be named as Henry's heir
  • Free your mother from imprisonment
  • Keep Aquitaine at all costs


You are King Henry's second, and now eldest surviving, son.  You hate your father with a passion, as he has taken everything from you - your mother, your betrothed, your chances of an heir.  Now you are afraid he will take your rightful inheritance from you as well.  You cannot allow this to happen.

You are a great knight, with a fearsome reputation on the battlefield.  Some already call you "cœur de Lion" (lionheart), and you look forward to winning even more glory for yourself in battle.  While you were born in England, you were raised at your mother's court in Aquitaine, and have spent almost your entire life in France.  You hate England - a dull, dreary place with bad weather and worse food - but it is a very wealthy land, and its wealth has enabled your father to maintain a vast empire.  Imagine what glorious deeds you could do with it!

Your older brother was Young Henry.  Your two younger brothers are Geoffrey and John.  As the second son, you were never expected to inherit your father's throne.  Instead, you were given the Duchy of Aquitaine by your mother when you were just 15.  You have ruled the lands ever since, and regard them as your own.  You will not allow anyone to take them from you.

As a child you were betrothed to Alais Capet, a daughter of the King of France (and half-sister of King Philip) as part of a peace deal.  But the marriage never happened, your father preferring to keep Alais' dowry, the vital border territory of the Vexin, for himself rather than entrust it to you.  Because of the betrothal, you cannot marry anyone else, and so you have no sons to pass your lands to if you should die.  Now you hear that your father has taken Alais as his mistress.  Were he not your father - or the king -  you would challenge him to a duel and kill him for the insult.

Your family has the devil's blood in its veins, due to a marriage in the distant past with a demon named Melusine; as a result they are cursed to fight, brother against brother and the sons against the father.   Your experience has shown this to be true.  Ten years ago, your older brother Young Henry rebelled against your father, seeking land and power of his own.  At the urging of your mother, you and Geoffrey joined him.  The three of you allied with the French King, but then he betrayed you, making his own peace with your father and excluding you.  As a result, you were forced to go begging to your father, and had to accept a humiliating peace. Worse, he then imprisoned your mother in England, and has kept her there ever since.

The peace did not last.  In the decade since, you and your brothers have continued to fight against each other and your father.  In the most recent incident Young Henry and Geoffrey supported your vassals in Poitou in rebellion.  During the resulting war, Young Henry contracted an illness and died.  His death means that your father must decide on a new successor.  As the eldest son, and the best knight, you are the natural choice.    Should he deny you, then you will have no choice but to wage war against the old man, and whichever of your brothers he favours, to take what is rightfully yours. 

Special ability

You are a great knight, and automatically win all ties in combat against anyone who is not also a great knight.

Relationships with other characters (7)

the following characters have a relationship with Richard but Richard does not have relationships with them: Constance of Brittany

  • Alais

    Spoiled goods.  You cannot possibly marry her now.

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  • Eleanor of Aquitaine

    You are your mother's favourite son, and you repay love with loyalty.  You would have freed her from her imprisonment, but your father has kept her in England so far.  Her presence at court this year presents you with an opportunity; in fact, you are wondering why your father has taken the risk.

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  • Geoffrey

    Your younger brother, and recently your enemy on the battlefield.  He has always been a schemer, and you wouldn't be surprised if he had put Young Henry up to the whole thing.  He has recently become very close to Philip of France, and you are worried he has supplanted you in Philip's affections.

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  • John

    Your youngest brother, and the weakest - he is no knight, and he lacks Geoffrey's brains.   He is your father's favourite, and you can't understand why.

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  • King Henry of England

    Your father.  You hate him for what he has done to you and what he has done to your mother.  But he is an old man now, and soon everything will be yours.

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  • King Philip of France

    The young French King.  You met him at the French court, just before his coronation, and enjoyed a brief romance with him before you were called away to see to your own lands.  You'd like to resume things with him, but you're not sure whether his new responsibilities would allow it.

    show the relationship of King Philip of France with Richard

  • Margaret

    Young Henry's wife, and now his widow.  You bear her no ill-will for her husband's actions.  Her dowry, the County of Gisors, is vital to the defence of Normandy, and your father will no doubt be trying to contrive a way to rob her of it.

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