Creating a larp is simpler!

Larpwriter makes it possible for organizers to write their larp online, share information and automate tedious tasks.

It is free and easy to use.

Work and share directly from the website

Create your larp and write, change and save your characters, groups and documents online... Add other organizers to have them work with you.

Follow the evolutions of your project

A dashboard shows you all the latest changes made by the other organizers.

Character and group relationship management

Describe relationships between characters and between groups, and easily detect missing or incoherent ones.

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Creation of character and group sheets

With just one click you can create them in PDF format, with photos of the players corresponding to character relationships and group members.

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Online registration form

Create a custom form that players will use to register online. Define required fields and you get complete and readable information.

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Access to information

Use the search engine to find information and navigate in your larp thanks to smart links.

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